Richard Suen

School of Business
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH

Phone: +44 (116) 252 2880
Personal website:

Academic Positions
Associate Professor,, University of Leicester, 2015 -- Present.
Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, 2011 -- 2015.
Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside, 2006 -- 2011.


Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester, 2006.                 
M.A. in Economics, University of Rochester, 2005.
M. Phil. in Economics, The Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong, 2001.
B. Soc. Sc. in Economics, The Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong, 1999.


Research Interests  

1. "Sources of Economic Growth in Models with Non-Renewable Resources." (with Hongsilp Sriket), Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 62, 2022.

2. "Diversity and Economic Performance in a Model with Progressive Taxation." (with Wei Wang), Economic Journal, vol. 129, 2019 [pdf]

3. "Standard Risk Aversion and Efficient Risk Sharing." Economics Letters, vol. 173, 2018 [pdf]

4. "Asset Bubbles in an Overlapping Generations Model with Endogenous Labor Supply," (with Lisi Shi) Economics Letters, vol. 123 (2), 2014. [pdf]

5. "Time Preference and the Distributions of Wealth and Income," Economic Inquiry, vol. 52 (1), 2014. [pdf]

6. "A Quantitative Analysis of Suburbanization and the Diffusion of the Automobile," (with Karen A. Kopecky) International Economic Review, vol. 51 (4), 2010. [pdf]

7. "Finite State Markov-chain Approximations to Highly Persistent Processes," (with Karen A. Kopecky) Review of Economic Dynamics, vol. 13 (3), 2010. [pdf]

8. "Superneutrality, Indeterminacy and Endogenous Growth," (with Chong K. Yip) Journal of Macroeconomics, vol. 27 (4), 2005. [pdf]

9. "On Expectations-Driven Business Cycles in Economies with Production Externalities: A Comment," (with Jang-Ting Guo and Anca-Ioana Sirbu)
International Journal of Economic Theory, vol. 8 (3), 2012. [pdf]

Working Papers

1. "Precautionary Saving Behaviour under Ambiguity."

2. "Research Policy and U.S. Economic Growth."

3. "Concave Consumption Function and Precautionary Wealth Accumulation,"

4. "Technological Advance and the Growth in Health Care Spending."

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Bristol, April 2017
ASSA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 2017
European Meeting of the Econometric Society , Geneva, August 2016
CEF Conference, Bordeaux, June 2016
ASSA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 2016
Time, Uncertainties & Strategies Workshop, Paris, December 2015
University of Leicester, February 2015
University of Surrey, February 2015
Midwest Macro Meetings, Miami, November 2014
Annual Meeting of the Association of  Public Economic Theory, Seattle, July 2014
Midwest Economic Theory Conference, Indianapolis, May 2014
Symposium of SNDE, New York City, April 2014
University of Connecticut, April 2014
North American Winter Meetings of the Econometric Society, Philadelphia, January 2014
Hunter College, December 2013
Fordham University, April 2013
North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society, St Louis, June 2011
T2M Conference, HEC Montreal, May 2011
Symposium of SNDE, Washington D.C., March 2011
University of Connecticut, January 2011
University of California, Riverside, October 2010
CEA Annual Conference, Quebec City, May 2010
Midwest Macro Meetings, East Lansing, April 2010
University of Western Ontario, March 2010
The University of Hong Kong, January 2010
City University of Hong Kong, January 2010
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, December 2009
ACE International Conference, Hong Kong, December 2009
University of Southern California, December 2009
Conference on Health and the Macroeconomy, UCSB, October 2009
Georgia State University, September, 2009
Workshop for Economists Working in Parallel, Kansas City Fed, August 2009
CEF Conference, Sydney, July 2009
WEAI Annual Conference, Vancouver, June 2009
North American Summer Meetings of the Econometric Society, Boston, June 2009
UCR Conference on Business Cycles, April 2009
Wegmans Conference, Rochester, October 2008
University of California, Riverside, October 2008, October 2007
University of Miami, November  2006
University of Southern California, October 2006
Midwest Macro Meetings, St. Louis, May 2006
University of California, Riverside, February 2006
SUNY Albany, January 2006
Carleton University, January 2006
Simon Fraser University, January 2006
University of Rochester, November 2005
Midwest Macro Meetings, Iowa, May 2005


University of Leicester
Macroeconomic Theory II
Intermediate Macroeconomics 

University of Connecticut
Macroeconomics (MA Core Course)   
Macroeconomic Theory I & II (PhD Core Course)
Advanced Macroeconomics (PhD Field Course)
Intermediate Macroeconomics

University of California, Riverside
Macroeconomic Theory (PhD Core Course)
Advanced Macroeconomic Theory (PhD Field Course)
Intermediate Macroeconomics


Student Supervision
University of Leicester
Sara Jabeen                      Co-Advisor, 2021
Hongsilp Sriket                Co-Advisor, 2020, Kasetsart University, Thailand
Akbar Ullah                      Co-Advisor, 2020

University of Connecticut
Lisi Shi                             Major Advisor, 2015, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China
Wei Wang                         Major Advisor, 2015, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, China

Joshua An                         Associate Advisor, 2016
Ismahile Ba Boukari        Associate Advisor, 2014
Weiran Huang                  Associate Advisor, 2014    
Matthew Schurin             Associate Advisor, 2013

University of California, Riverside
Zhiming Fu                      Co-Advisor, 2014, Sichuan University, China
Dongpeng Liu                 Co-Advisor, 2014, Nanjing University, China
Sarah Daway                   Co-Advisor, 2012, University of the Philippines
Anca-Ioana Sirbu            Co-Advisor, 2012, West Virginia University
Xiangbo Liu                    Co-Advisor, 2011, Renmin University of China

Venoo Kakar                    Committee member, 2013
Wing-Yu Leung                Committee member, 2010
MeiChi Huang                  Committee member, 2009

Daniel Farhat                   Committee member, 2009

Professional Services
Vice President, Chinese Economic Association in North America, January 2015 – January 2017
Organizer, ASSA-CEANA joint session, Chicago, January 2017
Organizer, CEANA Annual Meetings, Chicago, January 2017
Organizer, ASSA-CEANA joint session, San Francisco, January 2016
Organizer, CEANA Annual Meetings, San Francisco, January 2016
Co-Organizer, Conference on Business Cycles, UC Riverside, April 2009

Reviewer Experience
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
B. E. Journal of Macroeconomics (2)
B. E. Journal of Theoretical Economics
Canadian Journal of Economics
Economic Inquiry (3)
Economic Modelling
Economic Theory (5)
Economics Letters (2)
International Economic Review (10)
Journal of Applied Econometrics
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
Journal of Economics
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (2)
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
Journal of Macroeconomics (2)
Macroeconomic Dynamics (2)
The Manchester School
National Science Foundation
Regional Science and Urban Economics
Review of Economic Dynamics (2)

Social Choice and Welfare